The Daniela Cashmere Sweater



The value of natural fibers is artfully combined with precious workmanship and careful attention to tailoring details. The Daniela Sweater offers a sophisticated touch to your usual everyday look. The fit is soft and the shoulders are well defined. If features a small turtleneck, perfect for those who love to feel protected.

Undisputed elegance, perfect to wear alone or with a silk top to show the puffy sleeve out of the sweater. Regular fit.


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Measurements of sweater:

  • Length: 51cm / 20 inch
  • Sleeve length: 36cm / 14 ¹¹/₆₄ inch
  • Neck rise: 5cm / 1 ³¹/₃₂ inch  folded


    100% Cashmere


    Cashmere garments can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, it is important to choose the right water temperature: a cold wash is better, without exceeding 30 degrees, and always with a specific detergent for delicate fabrics.

    Do not spin and squeeze just washed cashmere, rather wrap it in a cloth to absorb excess water and then let it dry naturally. Avoid hanging wet clothes, as they will deform with weight.

    If you have placed your clothes well after washing, they will probably only need a quick blow of iron: set it to a very low temperature, place the clothes inside out on the ironing board and use a cloth to avoid direct contact between the fabric. and the iron plate.


    All Marta Scarampi pieces are made by hand and by order at the atelier in Torino, Italy. Your order will arrive within approximately 10 days from purchase.