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Like a bold red lipstick, capes effortlessly elevate any look.

We love Capes because they take us through multiple seasons and they also help us navigate unpredictable weather, layering up or down. We at Marta Scarampi believe in the idea of democratizing the use of capes, using them everyday for different purposes: layer up over workout clothes, wear it to simply feel glamorous or to transition from one season to the other! 

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Different & Unique Styles

Every cape has its own purpose and every style has a different fit. Our two bestseller styles are the Giulia Cape and the Rachel Cape. The Giulia is our leisure, weekend cape. It's relaxed look, vintage flare and cozy wool exudes comfort. The Rachel cape instead is our sophisticated, soft and elegant style, it elevates any look and can be worn day & night. 

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The Combo: Cape & Blazer

Chief Designer Marta is known to love designing monochrome looks. When she first created her first cape 5 years ago, she envisioned an entire look that would go with it. The idea is that you can wear a blazer of the same fabric under your cape so that it looks like an entire one outerwear piece. However, the beauty and great value, is that you can as complete separates as well, granting 3 looks with two pieces. An incredible solution for easy everyday cape styling. 

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Everyday accessory

The Marta Scarampi capes are made to be used as an accessory: ditch the heavy handbag, all capes have inside pockets to carry your essentials. 

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Statement piece

Wear a Marta Scarampi cape and expect to be stopped by random people on the streets. It feels and looks empowering, and that's what we all need.

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Perfect for every life moment

The Marta Scarampi capes are age-less and great in every phase of a woman's life. Especially comfortable during pregnancy- so easy to button up!

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