Thanks to our manufacturing expertise and current availability of high quality fabrics, after several prototypes, we created two styles of mask that would grant safety, comfort and re-usability. We are very happy to introduce to you our hand (or machine) washable face mask.


- Handmade with love in Torino, Italy 

Made of a Italian 100% organic cotton - our cotton has a high thread count,  it is also extremely comfortable and breathable. 

Designed to fully cover nose and chin

- Double Lined:  we have double lined the mask so it gives extra strength allow no particles to filter in. 

- Made with an adjustable wire at nose bridge: This is very important for people that wear glasses. 

Use of white elastic ear loop

To note that, these masks are not certified by the US/CDC or by Italian Minister of Health but cloth masks have been the suggested option,  to use as an alternative, given the shortage of medical masks and requirements for everyone to use them.


Minimum purchase is a pack of 2 per mask. This is because we highly recommend to wash it every day and have another one available to use. Masks are FINAL SALE.

A pack of 2 will give you: 2 women and 2 men masks

A pack of 4 will give you: 4 women and 4 men masks


Women and Men have a standard size for each category.


Cool Hand Wash or Machine washable using delicate program


We are producing as many as we can and intend to ship as fast as we can. If you experience a prolonged delay email us at

PLEASE NOTE: We sold out of Blue color cotton fabric so we are replacing MAN masks with RED color cotton fabric.