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A Closer Look at the Deco Travel Jumpsuit

A Closer Look at the Deco Travel Jumpsuit

JUNE 4, 2020

Learn more about the fabric + more sizes and color options

When our Deco Travel Waterproof Jumpsuit launched last month, we received an overwhelming amount of love and support from all over the world. But that wasn’t all we got from our customers. We gained so much more.

We established new friendships, received encouraging and constructive feedback, and most importantly, found ourselves in an inclusive (and growing) community that believes in what we do and what we have to offer. As a brand, one of our core values is offering our beloved customers an open channel to communicate with us. So you can imagine how much all of this means to us — we are truly grateful!

From the numerous conversations we’ve been having with many of you, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and requests regarding our jumpsuit. Most of them are regarding the material, sizing and color options, therefore, we decided to dedicate this blog post to answering all of those questions in one place.

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The Deco Travel Jumpsuit, now available in 3 colors

Many of you emailed us to ask if more colors would be available, so after looking into various options of the same Deco fabric, we were able to add two additional colors to the original Deco Taupe. The new colors black and navy blue were launched on Monday, June 1st.

Not only are the jumpsuits now available in black and blue, but the matching masks also come in the same hues. The design team made sure style is not sacrificed when offering functional and practical items. What’s more, our chief designer and co-founder Marta also thoughtfully created matching travel dust bags to go with the new colors, too.

Customers have the option to purchase the individual pieces alone, or as full sets with the jumpsuit, 2 face masks and a travel dust bag.

Added more sizing options for every body

One of the things that was brought to our attention by our community was whether we would offer the jumpsuit in more sizes. So our team in Italy looked into options (increasing sizes isn’t as easy as it may appear!) and worked on tackling this request without having to adjust pricing. Finally, we managed to increase sizing options, and they now range from US size 0 to 18!

(Note: Additional sizing options are only exclusive to the jumpsuit.)

To assist you with choosing the right size, we’ve included a Fit Guide at the end of the Jumpsuit product page with details showcasing how to reference measurements and using them to find the perfect fit. Based on our experience, knowing the right measurements of your bust and hips is a key factor to securing the right size. Since every brand uses a different sizing system, using our Fit Guide is your best bet. You can also utilize our Live Chat and tell us your bust and hip circumference measurements so our team can suggest the best size for you.

As mentioned earlier, we highly value every single one of you to us, every customer is a friend and part of the supportive #MartaScarampi community. So if you have any further questions about anything, our personal shoppers will be there for you; they are always happy to help. To get in touch, you may simply email

We at Marta Scarampi are advocates for the slow fashion movement, so every single piece of clothing from our brand is handmade on demand in Torino, Italy, including the jumpsuit, masks and the travel bag.

Getting to know the Deco Fabric

A lot of you are interested in learning more about the Deco fabric. So allow us to explain it in more detail for you here.

The material used to make the jumpsuit is a waterproof fabric that is durable and extremely lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than your iPhone, at only 150g per suit!

The fabric is made of 74% acetate, which is a plant-based fiber that has great absorption properties and is hypoallergenic. It is also biodegradable and easily composted without generating any harm to the environment. This is important to us because we strive to be as sustainable as we possibly can when producing our products.

The acetate is paired with silk (a natural fibre) which strengthens the fabric and makes it more comfortable and luxurious, as well as some polyester to offer the fabric the elasticity it needs.

After every single wear, you may use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface of the jumpsuit should you wish to do a simple clean. When a deep cleanse is required, deliver the jumpsuit for dry clean only.

Reducing waste and lessening any burden to our beloved earth is another key brand value. We therefore spend a lot of time searching for fabrics that are already available in the market; we do not create new fabric for the sake of producing new products. You can learn more about our production process with our co-founder Lucia via the blog post here.

Please note: Similar to our face masks, which are non-medical protective wear, our Deco Travel Jumpsuit is not a surgical overall and cannot replace PPE. Our goal is to provide customers with an one-piece cover-up option that is waterproof, comfortable yet elegant to wear when you wish to avoid having direct contact with surfaces when you are traveling or commuting.

The designer’s note on the jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is designed with both style and functionality in mind. There are elastic features at the waist, wrists and ankles to keep the jumpsuit in place so you remain covered when you walk or move around. There is also a hoodie that can cover your hair down to your eyes. The jumpsuit has hidden zippers in the center front which allows you to zip all the way up to your chin and to keep the hoodie in place when you wish to have everything covered up. This is especially great when you’re trying to sleep on the plane or when you’re commuting in the rain.

You will also find fabric-covered buttons an essential part of the brand’s DNA throughout this elegant yet casual garment.

You can wear the jumpsuit alone as any other jumpsuit. The fail-proof monochrome look offers an effortless casual vibe as you throw it on for those “it-might-rain” or rainy days.

Alternatively, you can layer the jumpsuit over an outfit! If you’re traveling for work and have a meeting to run to right after you land, for instance, consider wearing the jumpsuit over something more office-appropriate, and simply throw on a blazer upon arrival. You can then pack the jumpsuit in the travel bag it doesn’t take up a lot of space nor will it add a lot of weight to your belongings.

Insider tip: Be sure to hang the jumpsuit up when possible to allow it to air and de-wrinkle.

The source of inspiration (and an "inside" story to share)

The original source of inspiration derived from our iconic Deco Rain Cape, which is made of the same waterproof material as the jumpsuit. Our customers have loved this product over the years because of its classic design, high quality construction, and wearability.

The detachable hoodie has a dedicated pocket in the rain cape for storage when it isn’t in use. One neat detail we’re proud of is the pocket being waterproof as well! This allows items stored inside to stay dry. Every detail is carefully planned out for the modern-day busy lifestyle in cities with unpredictable weather.

Initially, Marta wasn’t too sure what exact product to create with the Deco fabric. She knew the material is perfect for the product she had in mind, but she hit a “designer’s block.” Then at the dinner table one night, “Mamma Scarampi”  Marta and Lucia’s mother  told them about a jumpsuit that her friend wore during her travels. A light bulb went off in Marta’s head and right away, she started working on a potential new product. Within a week, she made a prototype and the first “tester” was Lucia, who traveled for 16 hours from Torino to NYC to be reunited with her husband (full story here).

Your opinion and feedback is always welcomed; please feel free to email us anytime at We look forward to learning more about what your thoughts are on our Deco Collection, and we hope you find this blog post helpful!

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With love, 

The #MS Team

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