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#MSCommunity: Shining the Spotlight on Vanessa Ulrich

#MSCommunity: Shining the Spotlight on Vanessa Ulrich

February 12th, 2021

“New endeavors don’t happen overnight; they’re made of 1000 tiny steps.” — Style Blogger Vanessa Ulrich from @theprimpysheep.  


We at #martascarampi recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, and one thing we cannot be more grateful for is the continuous support we receive from our #MScommunity.

Today, we’d like to shine the spotlight on Style Blogger Vanessa Ulrich from @theprimpysheep who has shared countless elegant and sophisticated outfits with our capes and blazers on her platforms.

Vanessa recently posted a blog post featuring 3 of our capes on her blog, including the blue  Rachel Bansky Cape, the brown Rachel Gauguin Cape, and the pink Giulia Cape. 

“Each Marta Scarampi cape is crafted with precise, flattering seams down the front and back of the shoulders that make the capes look exquisitely tailored. They each hit me at a perfect mid-thigh length that would look just as flattering shorter or longer, depending on your height,” Vanessa wrote.

We absolutely adored how Vanessa styled all of the capes. She also paid attention to all of the details that our designer Marta thoughtfully incorporated.

“Another detail I have to mention is the collar on the Rachel capes. These manage to be both supple and structured, so you can easily wear them down as a trim face-framing collar, open as full lapels, or up as a tall jawline-grazing stand-up collar. I love the versatility and it gives you endless ways to style the capes – buttoned with the collar up, unbuttoned with the collar down, half-buttoned . . . you get the idea!”

Initially, Vanessa thought the cape may not fit her right because she’s fairly petite, but she was pleasantly surprised to find out how they fit her. You can click here for more on her blog.

Meanwhile, read on to learn more about Vanessa, who works as a brand marketer when she isn’t creating content.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

A brand marketer by day, I blog about elevated fashion and stylish destinations, creating content around what makes life more beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable. I started in 2017 as an outlet for my fashion styling and writing, and have loved the opportunity to grow a community of followers online. I’m obsessed with textiles and have been known to buy things just for the fabric, especially at vintage stores. My childhood was spent bouncing back and forth between the US and Thailand, and that bicultural background has greatly influenced my aesthetic lens and my drive to explore the world.

What is something you've achieved in the past that you're very proud of? Why does the achievement mean so much to you?

I’m incredibly proud of how I’ve built up my blog and social media following. As a teenager, I wanted to be a model, a stylist, a photographer, a fashion designer… I ended up following a different path for my day job, but it’s a huge accomplishment to me to have found a way to do all those things and get paid for it. I love being able to create my own looks and content, and it’s thrilling to have the opportunity to collaborate with amazing brands like Marta Scarampi.

Who is your role model and why? How has your role model influenced you?

My Mom’s work ethic and curiosity have always inspired me. If she didn’t know how to do something, she would research it, learn more, and figure it out. That independence and confidence in her abilities to develop new skills is something that’s had a lot of influence on my approach to work and life.

What influence do you wish to have on the younger generation?

Gen Z has so much passion, creativity, and with that, I think they’re well-positioned to do amazing things without any Millennial influence! I will say the one thing I encourage in people, in general, is that whatever they want to do or achieve, no matter how daunting, just start somewhere. New endeavors don’t happen overnight; they’re made of 1000 tiny steps.

If you can time-travel to go back 10 years and tell yourself something, what would it be?

I would tell myself to get out there and network. I really didn’t understand how to do that in an authentic way until I joined a local non-profit board. That made me realize how much I love meeting new people and learning what they’re working on and what they want to do in life. I should have started earlier!

What is the favorite piece you've ever owned from Marta Scarampi? Why is it your favorite and for what kind of occasion(s) do you wear this item?

I own multiple capes, but my favorite piece is the Rachel in Blue Banksy! It stands so well on its own, with just a black sweater and leggings underneath, or can be dressed up more for a true statement look. It makes me feel fresh off the runway.

Anything else you'd like to share with the #MSCommunity?

You can never go wrong investing in high-quality fashion. I always evaluate pieces on their materials, construction, and whether or not I can style and wear them multiple ways. Of course, Marta Scarampi’s work fits that to a T!

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