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The #MartaScarampi Take on Innovation

The #MartaScarampi Take on Innovation

JULY 22, 2020

At #MartaScarampi, one of our goals as an ethical fashion brand that advocates slow fashion is to have the ability to constantly evolve and offer products that fit the modern-day lifestyle and needs. We work hard to be the bridge between the “old” the traditional Italian craftsmanship and the “new.”

Generating constructive innovative ideas when it comes to creating something that meets current-day demands is a process we embrace. Instead of blindly following trends, we always aim to provide a solution to a problem, whatever that may be.

When a growing number of women started traveling for leisure and for work, we offered our iconic capes as a great solution for the drastic differences in temperatures and unpredictable weather in some cities. It’s a great piece to dress up or down based on the occasion; we know modern-day women constantly play multiple roles on a daily basis.

When our capes took off, we moved ahead to create a complete fail-proof set of blazers, pants, and dresses. The monochrome sets allow easy mix-and-matching so women can look and feel their best when they’re on-the-go without having to worry about what to wear. The pieces are not only versatile and comfortable to wear, but they are also carefully handmade to last for many years to come.  

Our latest innovation that has received phenomenal success is the Deco Travel Jumpsuit made of waterproof silk-blend material. Prior to the jumpsuit, we used the same fabric to create our iconic Deco Rain Cape  a long-time best-selling item from our collection. 

So, you may wonder: How is a small business like ours capable of being innovative and making new products on a consistent and constant basis? Let us explain how!

The core reason why “the #MartaScarampi innovation” is possible really comes down to our made-on-demand business model. Since we literally only start cutting fabrics and sewing products upon receiving an order, we do not have any ‘leftover’ inventory lying around. Hence, we were able to take the rain cape’s Deco fabric that we have in stock and re-invent the travel jumpsuit with it. This also ensures that we don’t create unnecessary waste, as well.

“Flexibility, adaptability, and creativity made the Marta Scarampi innovation possible,” our co-founder Lucia told us.


And these are indeed the 3 “pillars” we stand on. The flexibility of being able to re-purpose quality material, the adaptability to the modern-day lifestyle we are all living in, and the creativity that comes from our design team led by co-founder Marta. Flexibility also touches upon our goal of making our pieces versatile because we don’t believe in garments that can only be worn once or in one way.

One of our most recent innovative ideas that adapted to the current lifestyle is reflected upon our collection of cotton dresses and tops. With the “new normal” in mind, we understand face masks are now an essential part of modern-day lifestyle. However, we believe in the importance of finding a balance between function, comfort, and style, and therefore, the dresses and tops come with matching masks. What’s more, the pieces are made of Italian organic cotton previously owned by our parents  they used to own a fashion company that specializes in making children’s pajama sets! The fabrics were in such pristine condition because of its high quality, we knew they would be the perfect choice for the matching sets. Because not only are they soft to touch, they are extremely breathable, too.

We can’t wait to continuously grow as a brand and offer you products that are carefully handmade in Torino, Italy, and will last for years to come.

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The MS Team.

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