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A detail of the window of the Marta Scarampi atelier.

Behind the Seams: A Day in Marta Scarampi Design Studio

Welcome to a day in my life at Marta Scarampi Atelier, where creativity fills the air and each piece of fabric tells a story. I was born in the beautiful city of Torino, and I’m inspired everyday by its history and the Italian fashion that surrounds me.

Today, I want to show you what happens inside my studio and share the passion and care that goes into each cape and garment we make, embodying modern Italian style. 

A detail of the window of the Marta Scarampi atelier

Morning Routine at Marta Scarampi

I start my day early when the morning light shines on our atelier windows. Over a cup of espresso, I check of my emails. Mornings are quiet, a time when I think deeply about our work. 

It's 9 a.m., and the calm gives way to the day's buzz. The sewing machines start whirring - a comforting, familiar sound marking the start of production.

Giulia and I gather for our morning meeting. We discuss the day’s priorities, reviewing the fresh ideas and a new project that I thought of last night.

We also take a moment to analyze our digital analytics, seeing how our online presence is resonating with our audience. It's a focused, bustling start as we align our tasks and set the pace for the rest of the day. 

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Marta Scarampi, the Italian designer of women's capes, at the sewing machine

Today’s Focus in the Studio 

Selecting the right fabric is very important. In our studio, I spend a lot of time with different fabrics, feeling them and seeing how they fall. Today, I’m carefully choosing a soft wool for our new winter capes.

Each fabric I pick is meant to ensure our women capes not only look good but also feel comfortable and last long. The selection process showcases our commitment to detailed craftsmanship and handcrafted fashion. 

Giulia and Marta inside Marta Scarampi's atelier in Turin, Italy.

Lunch Break: Today's Pause 

Lunch today is as special as ever in the studio. Giulia and I are catching up on our latest favorite Korean series on Netflix while we eat. It's a time to laugh and recharge, preparing us for the afternoon ahead. 


Detail of a laptop projecting a series on Netflix

Our atelier has truly become a welcoming space throughout the year, alive not just with our ideas but also with friends who might pop by to work at a free desk or enjoy a chat over coffee. 

After lunch, our treat for today involves a quick visit to the nearby chocolate store, where we indulge in some of the freshly made chocolate and espresso from their café. 

retail of chocolate products

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Personalized tea or American coffee mug with the inscription Marta by Marta Scarampi

Afternoon Creative Flow: Today's Activities  

Refreshed and inspired, we then return to the studio. The afternoon is bustling with creativity—today, it’s focused on photography, videos with Chiara 

While Giulia and our apprentice, Marta (yes, two Martas!), handle the sewing and pattern-making. I'm consulting and overseeing their work, ensuring that every detail meets our high standards for artisanal capes and custom-made capes.  

Girl photographing model arranging the matching of two garments from the spring-summer collection of Italian brand Marta Scarampi

Connecting with Our Team 

My afternoons often involve calls with Tricia, our social media manager in New York, or Angelo, our digital marketing consultant. These discussions are crucial as they help us align our creative projects with our marketing strategies, ensuring we reach our audience effectively.

As the day winds down and we wrap up our tasks, the satisfaction of a productive day fills the studio 

Thank you for joining me in a day at Marta Scarampi Atelier. I hope it gives you a closer look at the passion and dedication behind our capes for women.

Feel free to explore our collection online and perhaps find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Your support helps us continue to create fashion that celebrates individuality and timeless elegance. 

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