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Young woman posing in one of Marta Scarampi's beautiful summer dresses

5 Inspiring Things From Turin - Torino, Italy

When I think of my brand and the roots that nourish my creativity, I always return to my hometown: Turin (or Torino, as Italians call it).

Nestled in the heart of Northern Italy, this city breathes style and sophistication at every corner. It’s a place where baroque palaces, contemporary art galleries, and delightful cafes form an elegant mosaic that embodies the Marta Scarampi aesthetic.

Today, I want to share with you five inspiring things from my beautiful city that reflect the spirit behind our women capes, dresses, and more.

Young woman on a sunny day under the arcades of Piazza Castello, Turin

1. The Graceful Arcades

Stroll through the arcades around Piazza Castello, near the Royal Theatre, and you’ll instantly sense why Turin’s architecture inspires so many of my designs. The covered walkways, or portici, elegantly shield you from the elements, just like our women's capes provide chic protection. Their continuous, flowing lines echo the structured elegance in our collection. It’s the perfect marriage of sophistication and practicality.

Young woman dressed in linen in front of Turin ice cream shop Pepino

2. The Timeless Delight of Gelato

In the heart of Turin, surrounded by the opulent baroque architecture of Piazza Carignano, you'll find Caffè Pepino—a charming 19th-century café known for its delectable gelato. Here, the highlight is il ricoperto di Pepino, a luscious ice cream treat coated in chocolate that captures the perfect blend of tradition and indulgence. Savoring one of these frozen delights at a marble-topped table transports you back to Turin’s golden age.

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Young woman in chocolate-colored cape on the banks of the Po

 3. The Natural Beauty of the Po River

Our atelier sits just a stone’s throw away from the Po River and Valentino Park, a natural oasis where I find peace and creativity. The tranquil riverbank inspires designs that are as effortless as they are elegant. Imagine styling a cape for a breezy summer stroll or layering it up for a crisp winter evening—it’s all about flexibility and freedom, just like the changing seasons along the Po.


Outdoor cafeteria Vergnano in Turin

4. The Warmth of Familiar Faces

Every morning, Giulia and I walk into La Drogheria Caffè, our family-owned café that feels like a second home. The baristas know us by name and have perfected our favorite orders over the years. It’s the epitome of an Italian "bar," where conversation flows as freely as the espresso, and laughter is a constant background note. This spirit of community and tradition ensures that each piece—whether a women's cape or an Italian jumpsuit—feels like it was made just for you.


A woman in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in one of Marta Scarampi's most beautiful capes

5. The Elegance of Open Spaces

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, with its grand arcades and sweeping views of the Po, embodies the freedom and elegance that I strive for in every Marta Scarampi piece. It's like walking into an open-air ballroom where every step feels lighter, more refined. The blend of historical context and open space inspires capes designed to flow with you, whether you’re exploring the city streets or making a statement at a formal event.

Through these five things, you can sense how Turin shapes every aspect of our brand, from the flowing lines of a women's cape to the structured elegance of an Italian crafted garment.

It’s where architectural grandeur meets cinematic charm, a city that tells its story through every piazza and portico.

Let’s continue to explore the many ways to style capes and celebrate the unique beauty found only in Torino.

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What about you? Have you evere been in Turin?
What have you enjoyed the most? Let us know in the comments.


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Young woman posing in one of Marta Scarampi's beautiful summer dresses

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