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In fashion, as in life, we believe in embracing possibilities, creating a space where personal style is boundless, inviting everyone to embrace the ever-evolving narrative of simplicity and sentiment.

Historical seamstress Giulia from Marta Scarampi's atelier during a reading break

Celebrating Giulia – The Heart of Marta Scarampi Atelier

In the rhythm of our daily operations at Marta Scarampi, where passion and craftsmanship intertwine, there stands a pillar of dedication and skill - Giulia, our head seamstress 

Giulia focused at the sewing machine in Marta Scarampi's atelier

As we continue our journey into the artisanal world of Marta Scarampi, we celebrate not just the exquisite capes we craft but also the people who make our vision a reality.

Today, we shine the spotlight on Giulia, whose hands have helped shape our legacy. 

Giulia checking the exact stitching on one of the dresses from the Marta Scarampi collection

Giulia’s Journey in Fashion

Giulia entered the fashion industry at the tender age of 18, bringing a vibrant passion and raw talent that have only grown stronger with time. Since joining Marta Scarampi in 2014, her exceptional skills have been a cornerstone of our atelier’s success.  

A very young and smiling Giulia at work on one of the shirts from Marta Scarampi's collection

We asked Giulia to reflect on her experience working at Marta Scarampi and collaborating directly with Marta.

Here’s what she shared: 

“Lavorare presso Marta Scarampi è stato un incredibile viaggio di crescita e creatività. Collaborare con Marta ha arricchito profondamente la mia vita professionale. Ogni giorno è una nuova opportunità per sfidare i nostri limiti e migliorare le nostre competenze. La passione di Marta per il design e il suo impegno per l'eccellenza ispirano tutto il team a puntare alla perfezione. È davvero gratificante vedere i nostri sforzi congiunti materializzarsi in pezzi bellissimi che incarnano lo spirito dell'artigianato italiano.”   

“Working at Marta Scarampi has been an incredible journey of growth and creativity. Collaborating with Marta, has deeply enriched my professional life. Every day is a new opportunity to challenge our limits and enhance our skills. Marta's passion for design and her commitment to excellence inspire the entire team to strive for nothing less than extraordinary. It’s truly rewarding to see our combined efforts materialize into beautiful pieces that embody the spirit of Italian craftsmanship.”  

A pregnant Giulia visiting during maternity at Marta Scarampi's atelier

A New Chapter for Giulia

Recently, Giulia has begun a wonderful new chapter in her life - motherhood. We are overjoyed to welcome the newest member of our extended Marta Scarampi family, a delightful little one who has quickly captured our hearts. While Giulia is currently on maternity leave, embracing the joys of motherhood, her spirit and presence continue to influence our atelier deeply. 

Historical seamstress Giulia from Marta Scarampi's atelier during a reading break

Giulia’s Dedication 

Giulia's commitment to excellence is unwavering. Despite her well-deserved break, she occasionally visits the atelier, her keen eyes ensuring that the high standards of craftsmanship she has set remain upheld. Her dedication is a testament to the passion that drives everyone at Marta Scarampi, affirming our commitment to handmade excellence. 

Giulia with her son, smiling and proud in the home environment

How to Style a Cape: Tips from Giulia

Giulia often shares her insights on how to style a cape, emphasizing the versatility of this timeless piece. Whether you're exploring different cape styles or wondering if cape blazers are still in style, Giulia's expertise is invaluable. 

Giulia checking the fit of a pattern

Influence and Legacy

Even in her absence, Giulia’s influence permeates every corner of the studio. The techniques she has perfected and passed on are evident in every stitch and fold of our capes. Her understanding of fabric and design continues to guide our apprentices and inspire our designs. Giulia's role as both an artisan and a mother exemplify the very essence of our brand—crafting with care, passion, and a deep sense of family. 

Giulia smiling at work in the atelier, in the background the workbench

As we celebrate the skilled hands that bring our visions to life, we also honor Giulia’s new journey as a mother. Her dual roles enrich our understanding of dedication, nurturing not only the delicate fabrics of our capes but also the next generation.

Join us in congratulating Giulia on embracing motherhood with the same passion she brings to our atelier. 

Workbench in Marta Scarampi's atelier, smiling Giulia in the background

We invite you to explore the collection that Giulia has played a crucial role in creating.

Each garment not only tells the story of Marta Scarampi but also celebrates the enduring legacy of its makers.  

Mother's Day according to Marta Scarampi

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