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In fashion, as in life, we believe in embracing possibilities, creating a space where personal style is boundless, inviting everyone to embrace the ever-evolving narrative of simplicity and sentiment.

marta scarampi atelier sewing machine with threads

Sewing Stories: A Peek Behind the Seams at Marta Scarampi

Step behind-the-scenes with us and discover the world of Marta Scarampi in Torino, Italy, where a team of six amazing women, aged between 25 and 35, bring our women's capes to life with love and skill.

It's a path marked by passion, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence that defines our brand.

Marta Scarampi tools to draft a pattern

It all starts with carefully selecting the finest fabrics. We look for materials that are high-quality and sustainable, making sure they're right for our capes. 

Then, we draft the patterns. Our team carefully designs them to fit well and look great. We pay close attention to every curve and line to make sure they're just right. Once we have the patterns, it's time to cut the fabric. We do this by hand, making sure each piece is cut perfectly. 

ide the Marta Scarampi atelier, the seamstress takes measurements to cut the fabric.

But our work doesn't stop there; after cutting the fabric, we assemble each piece of the cape. Every seam is done with care to ensure our capes are not only strong but also beautiful.

From buttons to pockets, and the lining that adds that final touch of elegance, every element is thoughtfully considered.

If included, belts are carefully crafted as separate accessories to complement the cape's design, enhancing the garment's overall elegance and allowing for versatility in styling. 

Inside the Marta Scarampi atelier, the seamstress completes a cape with a button

As we add the final touches, Marta Scarampi's capes start to come to life, becoming timeless pieces that beautifully showcase Italian craftsmanship. 

For us, making capes isn't just a job - it's a passion, it's a way to help women feel confident.  

But our journey extends beyond making capes; it embraces the remarkable individuals behind-the-scenes. 

Inside the atelier Marta Scarampi Giulia the head seamstress grappling with the finishing of a cape

Among them is, Giulia, our head seamstress, who plays an instrumental role in ensuring that each piece reflects the distinctive style and quality associated with Marta Scarampi's brand.

We want to extend our congratulations to Giulia!

As we celebrated a "New Chapter" in a previous blog post, Giulia embarks on her own new journey, welcoming a new addition to her family, Matilde.

"Your devotion, even during leave, highlights the strong bond within our team, reminding us of life's new adventures—challenges, joys, and the beauty of new beginnings."

Thank you for joining us behind-the-scenes at Marta Scarampi.

We're excited to share more stories. When you wear a Marta Scarampi cape, you're not simply wearing a garment; you're embracing a narrative of elegance and sentiment.

Grazie mille, 
The MS Team


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